Delissa McWilliams - London Based - Visual Artist


During the course of my studies at Coventry University for three years I've been delving into the dynamics of Conceptual/Fine-Art and Portrait photography since the beginning of 2013. I have always been an inspired Media Production student who has always focused on the aspirations of film-making, but as the years passed I grew to be more fascinated with the visual artistry of still imagery. I produce portraits as a means to explore and to evoke an emotional connection with the viewer with a range of themes such as spirituality, identity, self-acceptance and dark stages of human emotion in abstract form. I am hugely influenced by observing and analysing mass society, poetry, quotes and music.


'Photo Shoot: 2018' Group Exhibition at Black Box Gallery September, Portland, Oregon - 01/09/18-20/09/18

'The RPS' International Photography Exhibition 160 at Bricklane, London October 2017- 12/10/17-16/10/17

'The Muse' Summer Group Show July 2016, London - 14/7/16-31/7/16

'#Picbod13' Group Exhibition at Fargo March 2013, Coventry - 8/3/13-9/3/13


Halation Magazine - 2015

Online Features

January Shoot The Face Finalist, Shoot the Frame  - 2018


Art People Gallery



First Friday Features - Interviewer: Jen Kashak - 2016




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